Nikki London Rip-off Roofer

Mr Nikki London Roofing Con Man 21 Angelica Close, Yiewsley. UB7 8RD

This is some of Nikki London’s BAD work, and there is more.

Mr Nikki London Roofing con artist, a warning goes out about a roofer called NIkki London from Yiewsley in West Drayton. The rip-off roofing cowboy who thinks its ok to rip of the vulnerable and elderly.  All homeowners, building and roofing contractors beware of Nikki London Roofing, a roofer that is a compulsive lair and a thief. His roofing work is ridiculously bad and in  many cases, no work was ever done.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been ripped of by Mr Nikki London, we want to hear from you, we are currently making a documentary and a You Tube video which will be aired on line this year, this will hopefully make people aware of Mr Nikki London’s underhand tactics. Please contact us on:

How to Hire a Good Honest Roofer

So you’ve paid good money paying for a roofer, only to discovery that they’ve botched the roof and you are faced with more roofing hitches and higher roofing bills.

When selecting a good roofer, follow our tips to safeguard yourself from the likes of Nikki London Roofing. You need a trained reliable roofer who will carry roofing repairs properly and professionally. There are two things to think about when you appoint a roofing contractor.

Firstly, a reputable roofer will guarantee his work. A trustworthy, professional roofer will be happy to return should anything go wrong with his work. Find out if they will guarantee their work and how long for, before you agree to contact them. The decent ones will always be pleased to do this. It’s your security and will guard you if something did go wrong.

The second thing you should do is look for recommendations. A decent, honest roofer will be happy to supply you with references from former clients. If he declines, then it’s best to avoid and stay well clear. A specialised roofer should have many satisfied clients he can call on to provide references for his work.

Never jump at the lowest quote. If the prices are too good to be true, you may well end up with substandard materials or an inexperienced roofer. If you do pick a roofer because it’s the lowest-priced you may end up spending more money on roofing work than you would have done if you had paid that little bit more in the first place.

If you receive cheap quotes for roofing work, make sure you know precisely what you’re getting for the service. You might end up paying much more on ‘unseen costs’ that the roofer conveniently forgot about.

Ask questions! A decent roofer will be pleased to answer you. He will want your custom and will do his utmost to make sure you consider him for the job in hand.

Don’t end up with a nightmare scenario when you select a roofer like Mr Nikki London. Follow these easy steps to ensure that you pick a trustworthy, qualified and honest roofer.

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4 Responses to Nikki London Rip-off Roofer

  1. Angeled says:

    We have been ripped off by Nikki, north London Roofing. He is the roofer of Paul Kershaw from Modern Attics. Paul brought Nikki to my house. Nikki did very little work of terrible quality and dissapeared with thousands of pounds from us. He has left us with no roof! and money to fix it. He presents himself as charmin but he is despicable. He even goes round talking about has mother committed suicide. All lies. Paul Ketshaw refused to have a look at the work or to provide us with any details about his roofer Nikki London.

    • J JONES says:

      Nikki London is the ex director N.London Roofing Ltd. Nikki London company was struck off by Companies House, he no longer trades from: Ground Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, London, England, N12 0DR. Nikki Lives at 21 Angelica Close, Yiewsley. UB7 8RD.

    • admin says:

      @ Angeled Have you not gone to the police or Trading Standards? if you do report Mr Nikki London it might help you and others, especially if he has ripped off others.

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