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G&A, the roofer Kilburn. G&A is a leading roofing firm that offers professional repairs and roofer, we are reliable and professional, also offering home maintenance to property owners in Kilburn and the local area, call our roofer today, for free advice and estimates.

We are a friendly team of highly qualified roofers that deal with all aspects of roofing work in the Kilburn area. and offer many other roofing services.

EPDM Flat Roofer Kilburn

EPDM Rubber Roof Systems;
EPDM flat roofs are of the popular flat roof system in Kilburn, and more roofers are using this system due to its durability. EPDM is a synthetic material. These rubber roofs are resistant to UV rays, snow, frost and can adapt in extreme weather conditions, they have been tried and tested over 60 years and have a life expectancy of over 40 years, providing they are fitted correctly by a professional roofer. they are one of the most used roofs in Kilburn and they are made by firestone. They are used for both commercial and domestic properties and are extremely reliable.

Fibreglass Roofer Kilburn

Fibreglass Flat Roofing Systems Kilburn;
Fibreglass flat roofs are easy to fit for the average roofer and need minimal maintenance, this choice of flat roofs offer excellent roof cover, they are fire resistant and can last over 35 years when fitted correctly by a trained roofer

Felt Roofer Kilburn

Built-Up Felt roofing;
These flat roofs were popular in the 80s and 90s in Kilburn, but the average roofer now opt for fibreglass flat roofs They are made from layers of felt and are also known as built-up bitumen felt roofing or bituminous.

Roof Reports and Surveys in Kilburn

The roofers at G&A Kilburn specialise in abseiling, roof reports and surveys and emergency roof repairs.

Should you select a local Kilburn roofer?

There are pros and cons when choosing a local roofer versus a national roofing firm. The following are some explanations why a local roofer in Kilburn makes more sense. Often a local Kilburn roofer will be more flexible with prices, and will be more likely to consider a discount for a job. Larger roofing companies usually work by the hour or off a rate cards, which the roofer is usually less likely to negotiation a price. I’m not saying big companies will be wont offer a good service, but a bad review for a big firm generally has less impact than for the local roofer in Kilburn. when you choose a local roofer you’re supporting local economy, which is generally good for the town.

Choosing the Right Roofer in Kilburn

When it’s time for roofing repairs you should choose a professional roofer in the Kilburn. But there are hundreds of roofers in North West London and in the Kilburn area. So how to choose the right roofer in Kilburn?

  1. check online for referrals and reviews. Any roofer can say they will do a good job, so make sure the roofer you choose is telling the truth by checking online.

2. Ask the roofer if he is a member of a roofing trade body, such as the Confederation of Roofing Contractors (CORC) if he is, that’s a good sign because the roofer will have to follow strict guidelines.

Contact our friendly team of roofers at Kilburn, for free advice and quotations today on 020 7205 5785.

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